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DemiAg, Expert System for Agricultural Pest Management, is a web based computer system being developed to provide agricultural researchers, farmers, and home gardeners with forecasts for plant diseases and eventually other plant pests. It will be a revolutionary solution to past problems in implementing plant pest models. It is being developed by DeMilia Research LLC, a family owned and operated small business that develops web based computer software applications for agricultural pest management.

DemiAg is our core project that has been in development for the last 2 decades and still has a long way to go. How can one agricultural researcher and his family do all this? We can't! DeMilia Research LLC is creating a seed and planting it, but we do not know what it will grow into. DemiAg is an open source project with a twist! DemiAg will eventually be released to hopefully hundreds of other computer programmers and scientists who will contribute to them using data provided by hopefully thousands of users like yourself. Unlike the expensive weather station integrated solutions of the past, DemiAg will be free except for some advanced data storage features. It is being designed as an extensible computer system, not just a single purpose software application. Initially, DemiAg will not be an expert system, but rather just a web based computer software application developed for delivering plant disease model forecasts. DemiAg will eventually evolve from being just being a tool for human plant disease management decision making to a source of artificial intelligence. In addition to DemiAg being released as a web based software application, smartphone and tablet computer apps will provide an alternate user interfaces and provide a platform for smaller specific purpose software applications such as DemiAg Tag. Someday you’ll be able to just ask your phone if the plants in your garden will be attacked when there is an expert system app for that. Furthermore, the DemiAg website will serve as a central repository for plant disease forecast models and a free portal for providing plant disease information to farmers and home gardeners. It will then be supplemented with experimental data for researchers and a user forum where plant pest management help can be obtained.

The DemiAg computer system and your other personal account features are accessed through your personal dashboard. If you already have a DeMilia Research account, then you can create an instance of DemiAg after it goes live and purchase products through the shopping cart. If you do not have a free DeMilia Research account, then you can register for one. The DemiAg website will serve as a free portal for plant pest information and a repository for plant disease forecasting models. A Grower’s Guide and a Plant Pest Guide will be created using public domain and other freely distributed content found on the Internet that is supplemented with content from DeMilia Research LLC and DemiAg users. Integrated pest management information will be included in addition to plant pest model specifics and pest population data. A monitored user forum will be implemented as a web based application where individuals can post plant pest management photographs, pest population data, tips, comments, and other information, as well as ask questions that are answered by other users. Each state in the country will have it's own section in the user forum and an invitation will be extended to each Land Grant university to post relevant notices, publications, photographs, and other information. This concept will also be extended to the county level and county Agricultural Extension offices will be encouraged to do the same. Users will be able to specify that geographically specific forum posts appear at the bottom of state or county pages.

Coming soon. Welcome to our initial website release. Our databases, shopping cart, and other advanced site features are currently in development. Content for most of our informational pages are still being written and currently exist in limited form. We anticipate releases of the Grower’s Guide and a Plant Pest Guide during 2017. Plant disease forecasting model information will be posted and the user forum will also go live during 2017. We have been programming for more than a decade so it's getting there, but still lots more to do and we need help from other computer programmers. No plant disease forecasting models will be tested on the DeMilia Research Farm for several growing seasons. We'll see how long it takes to get an initial release of DemiAg after that. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the DeMilia Research Farm website for results of the agricultural experimentation that will provide information for the expert system knowledge base.

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